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Accessorize your space with personality! Buying accessories for that new bedroom makeover can add up to more than you bargained for at a home décor discount store. Let’s talk about another avenue to gather most of the accessories for your new room; give less money to that department store.

Explore your local thrift store and you just might find the unexpected. I’m not talking about used items that are out of date; thrift stores now carry new merchandise from department stores. Seize the day and rejoice! You are paying a fraction of the cost for being in the right place at the right time.

Navigate the aisles and you’ll also see like-new pieces that someone owned for a day and decided to donate. Your treasures could include a polka-dotted bowl, a fluffy plant, a faux typewriter, vintage camera or some books and a random statue of a Chihuahua. You will be able to curate your own style using random items that are much more interesting; it’s so satisfying to get that new, trendy bargain.

Eighty percent of the accessories in these photos were found at a thrift store; personality at a much smaller price tag. Your rooms will look amazing and no one will ever know how much you didn’t spend!

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    1. FOA Team Post author

      We agree! Finding treasures in thrift stores is part of the fun of shopping, especially around this time of the year. Enjoy your Holidays!


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