Solid Wood: The Right Choice


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Since the beginning, man has created many innovations from wood – the wheel, the wagon, homes, furniture… Certainly, other materials were later introduced that enjoyed phases of great popularity. But as metals, rubber and plastics moved toward their respective potentials, the basic appeal of solid wood has never waned.

Besides being an organic material that is grown, a fact important to many, varieties of solid wood like Cherry, Oak, Walnut and Maple are preferred by furniture makers for the durability and wide range of colors and textures they offer. But given the fact that there is not an infinite supply of these natural treasures, they may also be quite expensive.

One reason for the cost is the difficulty in obtaining solid wood – particularly the rare exotic types. It’s not overly abundant. That’s why imitations such as engineered or manufactured hardwood were introduced at a more affordable cost. Plywood, medium density fiberboard, and particleboard simply cannot compete with authentic solid wood in any way. There is no substitute when it comes to the real thing and no faux composite can recreate the strength and vitality of solid wood, nor the beauty of its unique natural grain patterns.

Among an array of impressive traits is the fact that solid wood may be resurrected. Even if it had been completely neglected and is dried out it can still be treated and restored. It’s this type of exceptional durability that guarantees longevity. You can absolutely expect to hand down a solid wood table to your children – their children – and so on! Naturally all of these factors combine to be of great value. You’ll likely never need to replace solid wood furniture and since it won’t contribute to waste prematurely, it is considered Earth-friendly.

There’s yet another advantage to solid wood – versatility. Unlike metal or plastic, where it’s almost always necessary to match styles and colors, the natural look of wood can work in almost any setting and enhance nearly any room. It’s also hassle free; with the exception of the dusting one does during regular housecleaning, there’s really no maintenance required.

There’s no mistaking the quality of solid wood furniture. From the weight to the superior construction and ultimately the dazzling appearance, you can do no better when it comes to furnishing your home.

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