Product Spotlight: GOLVA [CM7295]


Post by FOA Team

Much can be said about furniture that exhibit both luxury and contemporary styling. With a luxurious piece, the core premise is to offer to the user something that is not quite necessary but will add perceived value. Luxury shies away from the question “Do we need that?” and delves more into the assertion “You got to have that”. On the other hand, contemporary design really eschews the need for any superfluous parts and preserves the value of the product by only offering what is required of it. Hence we see contemporary designs that are modern, sleek, and no-frills.


What happens when you combine both? GOLVA is one such product that manages to keep its form and shape simple and almost utilitarian, but has just enough elements to give it a luxurious feel. There’s the padded leatherette that is simple in shape, but has intricate nailhead trimming to enhance its looks. The silhouette of the bed is nothing too special, but the black finish, coupled with the metallic look of the pewter headboard says otherwise. Not to mention, the matching case goods share the same dark finish as the bed, and the front mirror panels that dazzle the eye adds nothing but luxury to this master bedroom set. And not just because they are tinted in gold; by using a reflective material, the panels give the illusion of depth and the room is suddenly more spacious and roomier than it really is.



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