Being Part of Your Success Stories


Post by FOA Team

During the Las Vegas Market, we had hundreds of guest who came to our B1168 showroom.  Some of them were kind enough and agreed to have a little chat about their business and how their lives are made better by working as a partner of Furniture of America. Some shared the passion they have for their business. Some of them talked about the beginnings of a deep, personal relationship with FOA, while some of them chimed in on how much value they get, and  how their customers perceive the products.

interviews1Robert and Lenora from Hesperia, California shared the constant, evolving relationship they had with us, which goes beyond the numbers of furniture sold. They talked about the kind of growth they experienced as a partner and the quality of the products they are able to sell.

interviews2Roy and Carrie from Wichita, Texas shared their first encounter with FOA and the relationship between them and us. They mentioned the variety of unique furniture that couldn’t be found in Texas.

It’s always fun and helpful to hear from our customers. It gives us reason to work even harder. To see more of our interviews, check out the Testimonials Playlist in our Youtube channel.



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