Designer’s Corner: Cozy Candle for Fall


Post by FOA Team

We are fast approaching that warm, snuggly time of year and this cozy candle will give you all the feels! It’s perfect to enjoy at home or to give as a unique holiday gift to friends and family.

You’ll love this easy and inexpensive way to add warmth and character to any room. Whether perched on the fireplace hearth, used as a glowing dining table centerpiece or next to your favorite coffee table book, this candle will bring a feeling of cozy contentment.

What you’ll need

  • A glass jar candle approximately 5” in diameter and 5” in height
  • A glass container approximately 10” in diameter x 10” in height
  • 2-3 bags of Navy Beans to cover 4” on the bottom; depending on the size of container used
  • Use plush (not thin) yarn, either neutral or choose one or more colors to match your décor

Things of note

  • For illustration purposes in this video, a larger container was used and a white pot was placed inside to elevate the candle. You can use a smaller or larger container as long as it’s wider than the candle. There should be 1-2” between the candle and the container to accommodate the beans and yarn.
  • For more color, you can substitute the navy beans for split peas, red beans, yellow lentils etc.
  • Glass containers are cheaper and easily found at your local thrift store: the rest can be bought at a craft store and supermarket.
  • The candle can be replaced as it gets used, different colored yarn or beans can be changed out for a new look.

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