Space-Saving with Style


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There is always room for improvement when it comes to organizing and getting the most out of your home. It can be challenging at times to find the right piece of furniture that can satisfy both taste and storage needs. These suggestions will help to declutter any living space and help you create a more organized home.

Focus on First Impressions

Surely everyone has experienced walking into a home and seeing a floor littered with shoes or bags. This can be easily solved with a simple entryway cabinet that can organize footwear and accessories. Don’t have room for a bulky piece? Keep it sleek with a smaller storage piece to hold keys, glasses, pet leashes, and more!


Keep the Necessities Within Reach

Multi-functional pieces, much like these side tables, are a must-have for space-conscious living rooms. Find ones that have helpful features such as shelves, cup holders, power outlet, and USB ports.


Be Prepared For Any Occasion

For homes with small living rooms, it’s best to find seating pieces that come built with storage capabilities, such as these sectionals. They make the most of the used floor space and can offer extra utility, like turning into a makeshift bed for overnight guests.


Conquer the Clutter

Double-duty pieces can easily keep homes more organized. Storage benches provide great opportunities for storing knick-knacks out-of sight. Look for multiple baskets or drawers to help create a designated cubby system for children and adults alike!


Hide in Plain Sight

One of the messiest, if not the most chaotic, parts of a home is a child’s bedroom. Why not decorate it with aesthetically fun and playful pieces that will liven up the room while providing storage for toys and clothes?

kids-storageIt’s important to keep in mind that small changes can make a big difference. Changing out one or two key pieces can create a more organized home, especially for those with limited square footage. And remember, there is no need to compromise between functionality and style.




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